Port Forwarding


Im pretty new to LEDE and have a problem with Port Forwarding. My setup at the moment is that i have a Fibre Router supplied by my ISP which has DMZ setup to my LEDE Router. Any port i try to open does not work. The funny thing is that any Port opened with Upnp works perfectly. My firewall is set to default. Dont no what other information i must provided, but any help would be appreciated.

the screenshots of the firewall config page or the output of the files /etc/config/firewalls

How did you test the port forwardings?

Here is the firewall config:

it is empty?!?!

He is at trust level: new user, maybe he taught that he posted the link from pastebin or something like that but that got removed on posting.

@Virmin8 please edit your post using the Blockquote (Ctrl + Shift + 9) tooltip and put the config right into your post.