Port forwarding wifi client


I have an IP camera, I want to use it with ddns service. My router is connected to the Telekom router in wifi client mode (later it will be connected via cable). How to open a port? Do I have to enter the Ip address from the Telekom modem ?

the port have to opened on the Telekom router, 1st.


This is a double-NAT situation, so you have to forward twice. First from the Telekom router to the OpenWrt router, then from the OpenWrt router to the camera. Forwarding only works with numeric IPs, so both devices should have DHCP reservations (preferred) or static IPs.

DDNS will still work if you set the DDNS provider to detect your address. A DDNS post from somewhere inside your network (the OpenWrt router) will arrive at the DDNS provider with the IP of the WAN side of the Telekom router.

That assumes that Telekom is giving you a routable public IP and not using CGNAT. The first thing you should do is go to a whats my IP site and confirm that the result is the same as the one shown in the Telekom router's user interface. If they don't match, you have CGNAT and forwarding cannot work.

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(OpenWRT)My router IP:
Telecom IP:

Telecom modem DHCP ip assigned to (OpenWRT)router:

I don't really understand this. Do I first log into my Telekom modem and then do a port forwarding to my secondary router in the firewall?