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hi guys been using lede firmware for 6 months now mainly for SQM/qos settings but i would like to now port foward my ps4 to have an open nat type on Black Ops 4. ive tried doing research and attempted this myself but unfortunately it still comes up as nat type moderate.

im with sky who provide a router (which i have easily port forwaded my ps4 to in the past) and then have this connected to my Netgear R7800 with Openwrt installed.

i understand that my networking knowledge is not brilliant but, if anyone could help me with what to do i really would appreciate it!


Hi Jasjoe, first off, you're unlikely to get better than NAT Type 2 (which is the same as "Moderate") without your PS4 being on a corporate or academic LAN which hands out real Internet IP addresses. Most home and medium to small business networks use NAT for all clients as they have to share a small (or single!) range of public Internet IP address. Your router instead hands out private addresses and translates all communication to the Internet for you. However, as this is how the vast majority of people connect to the Internet the games designers bear this in mind and code their games to work best in this environment. Getting a direct, non-NAT'd, connection to the Internet won't make a lot of difference to you and is quite difficult to get in the UK unless you go with a specialist ISP.

Still, let's look at your current setup and see if we can improve matters...

Unless you've got your R7800 explicitly configured as an access point only (i.e. not doing any routing) you'll be double-NAT'ing by using your Sky router and the R7800. As you're looking to improve your gaming performance this is will not help at all, and probably make things worse. Trying to explicitly port forward through two NAT'ing routers will end in tears, trust me :laughing:

You need to either:

  • configure the Sky router to work as a modem and not do any routing, letting the R7800 act as the only router (not sure if this is possible with Sky, but it is on my Virgin Media cable modem)

  • get rid of the Sky router and only use your R7800 as router and access point (this will only work if your ISP presentation is ethernet, which is unlikely)

  • configure your R7800 as an access point with no routing or NAT: https://wiki.openwrt.org/doc/recipes/dumbap

FWIW I get "NAT Type 2" on my PS4 when connected to my WRT32X running OpenWrt through a cable modem in modem mode and I've not had any problems. I'm not playing such demanding games as you, though.

As long as you are not double-NAT'ing and have these ports forwarded your PS4 should run smoothly:




3658 (Activision games like to use this port. I think for matchmaking)

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so i chose the bottom bullet point and followed those instructions. i then just setup up a dmz on my sky router that has the same ip address as my ps4, ive restarted everything but black ops 4 still shows as moderate. do i need to open up ports on the r7800 as well?

thanks for taking the time to help me

No, because your firewall should be disabled on the r7800 if it's acting as a dumb AP. I would not recommend DMZ on your PS4 on the Sky router. You can port forward on the Sky router to the IP address of the PS4. The IP address assigned to the dumb AP is used because it is a managed switch/AP at this point. Your PS4 default gateway and DNS (if not using alternate servers) should be that of your Sky router.

What type of NAT is your Playstation 4 showing?

Just to reiterate, @Jasjoe1991, you're not going to get any better than NAT Type 2 on a home broadband connection unless you have a specialist ISP who hands out multiple public IP addresses. The only improvements you can make to your connection are with respect to whatever latency your router and wireless are introducing. All the port forwarding is only intended to pull up connections from Type 3 to Type 2.

hi sorry i have been away for the holiday, my NAT type is showing Type 2 but on black ops connection setting its shown as moderate

i have NAT type 2 already just in black ops 4 the nat type is shown as moderate where as ive heard that Open allows for a better experience/ better connectivity.

i remember before going away on holiday that i set up my router as a dumb AP but i couldnt log into my router settings now so ive tried a hard reset and this doesnt help either. when i saw the that i had to change the address of my R7800 i left it as my sky router is should i use tftp to restore my routers settings, then set up for Dumb AP again and change my r7800 address to

also just to be clear, would my connection on black ops always be set to moderate?

sorry if this sounds confusing, trying to explain it as best as i can

I've seen the guides you're probably referring to in order to achieve this. Most of them say, enable UPnP, port forward, and/or DMZ the PS4 all at once. This seems to be a bit redundant and a tad overkill to achieve this. Not to mention the security concerns.

Having your connection set as open in Black Ops 4 might help your connection a bit in terms of connectivity to other users. I'm not a CoD player, but I'm guessing since it's Activision it runs a P2P hybrid rather than dedicated servers, except for maybe Blackout game mode? So in that aspect if you're able to achieve open and are connecting to other open users, they probably have a quality network, like a campus or corporate network, or have more technical expertise and have configured their router properly for online play and are focused on their network performance as well. That may be where the better connectivity performance wise is concerned.

As far as your speed and ping goes, the most important things you can do to improve it on PSN is use alternate DNS servers, such as Google or OpenDNS, not double NAT, and make sure the appropriate ports are open.

I'm not sure if it is possible to get an open connection in Black Ops 4 if you have a NAT type 2 connection on PSN. There are guides out there that suggest it is possible. Is there some type of NAT filtering option on the Sky router that you can turn off and see if that somehow helps you achieve this? At this point that's the only thing I can see that would be holding it up.

You're achieving a NAT type 2 connection on PSN which is a good thing. You've tried DMZ'ing the PS4 on the Sky router. You could temporarily try the overkill solution. Even temporarily enabling UPnP, if you're able to see all the forwards the game wants, then disable UPnP, and manually forward them on the Sky router.

I would recommend that to avoid double NAT or one of the previous methods listed.

Why would you need to use tftp to restore the settings? If you saved your settings from the Dumb AP mode, you can restore from LuCI. You may have to re-disable firewall, odhcp, and dnsmasq.

If this was the case I would not restore. I would start setting up the dumb AP from scratch again. Be careful this time setting up the VLAN(s). Always, have a CPU tagged/untagged and not set to off on the VLAN.

try this

TCP: 80, 443, 1935, 3480

TCP and UDP: 3478-3479,3074, 3075

make sure to select your console ip along with the port

...or just use miniupnpd (unless you have double NAT)?

unfortunately its not working, so i think im going just going to leave the r7800 as an access point connected to my sky router. maybe ill try at a later date. thank you for your help provided

where do you get these explanations bizzaras, open NAT in games is public IP on Wan, in the ps4 test will appear type 2, since it is in a subnet, to get type 1 just by dialing the PPPoE directly on the ps4 or if it is dynamic or fixed ip put the operator cable directly on it, in the game, if you have a valid IP, without CGNAT you will have NAT open, in the openwrt Luci firmware, you have to release it in the firewall so much, input, forwarding and output have to be accept, and another, do not open NAT just by doing this, because of dnsmasq, if you remove dnsmasq you don't even need portforwarding, it already opens automatically.

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