Port forwarding problem

EDIT: sorry, replied to wrong person :frowning:

Hi @jan3

here is my idea :slight_smile:

  1. no, you don't have public IP, and you set port forward FIRST on ISP router, or you setup DMZ on ISP router, whatever ...
  2. since your OWRT was only device attached on ISP router, there was "almost" static 192.168.1.x IP assigned for your old OWRT device
  3. so, your DMZ or FIRST port forward from ISP router worked as expected, because you set for ex: ISP 8080 -> (OWRT) 8080 -> (LAN) 8080
  4. you changed your device, and your "almost" static addres is changed, it is not anymore, it is maybe 101 now
  5. your FIRST portfowrad from ISP router, or DMZ, point still to old (old OWRT router)
  6. check your ISP router how it is set up
    maybe this will help ?