Port forwarding over open vpn using Express VPN as the service provider


I have configured my openwrt installation to connect to Express VPN using openvpn files. I now want to forward a port to a machine in my local network from the tunnel. I've followed a number of guides and I am able to forward a port between 2 machines on the lan zone. However, from the wan zone to the lan doesn't work. I set tun0 as the device for the wan zone. I can surf the web and all is well. Its just this forwarding that is an issue. I am not sure if it is a problem with the Espre3ss VPn service as they prefer you to use their apps and routers or if it is a problem with the way I've configured openwrt. I am using openwrt 19.07.3

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If those connection must enter through the VPN tunnel, then the port must be opened first on their end of the tunnel. You need to talk to your provider.


I'm not sure about your VPN provider, but you can certainly achieve this using a VPS provider and setting up your own VPN server on VPS.


I think the problem is misconfiguration and recommend you to directly contact their support. I had ExpressVPN around two years ago and it worked fine with OpenWRT. I am currently using this and also works fine. Both times I did it through live chat support/e-mail. The best way is just to ask direct instructions from the service, they are helpful, really.