Port forwarding / network topology & bridge mode [Solved]

I've been searching and reading tons of forums but and I've been putting it off but I don't understand where the issue lies. So here's basically how my network is set up Arris TG3452a ISP (NAT, DHCP) ---> Linksys EA8300 (NAT?, DHCP) )))(((( Unifi AP-AC lite (802.11s, NAT?, DHCP) My first goal is to make port forwarding work. I'm running Wiregaurd on pi connected to the Linksys and when I port forward on the Arris, it won't work. I'm sure this is all boils down to bad configuration. Besides that I tried to put the Arris in bridge mode and..... nothing happens. I lose access to the internet and configuration page of the arris. So I have to factory reset to get it working again.

Yes, I'm a noob.

Do you have DOUBLE NAT?

Possibly? From what I understand, if my isp router uses 192.168.0.XXX and my OpenWRT setup are configured on 192.168.1.XXX its double nat, right? If that's the case I'm not having double nat issues. not sure if I understand the concept correctly.

I also tried to enable DMZ IF i have double nat.

General FAQs: TG862G/NA: Bridge Mode Setup (force.com)

If I enable bridge mode, I have no internet connection. I think it is bad configuration :upside_down_face:

I'm gonna try this tomorrow.
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If you ISP router has 192.168.0.XXX, how do you connect to it from Internet?

Does Linksys make another NAT?

Linksys and Unifi have 192.168.0.XXX also. So no double natting.

What is IP of pi?

What purpose does Linksys serve? It is absolutely useless device in your configuration.

I'm using both Linksys and unifi for wifi coverage and extra ethernet ports. So what do you suggest? make both Linksys and unifi dumb aps? or put ISP modem in bridge mode? I tried putting ISP modern in bridge mode (I assume its a Half-Bridge), but when i do that i get 2 WANs. One on the arris and one on the linksys.

.... this is what I mean by 2 WANs

Dual-stack WAN, with IPV6 not provided, by the looks of it.

Maybe waiting for 5-15 minutes will reset your ISP's MAC address lock. Reboot your cable modem to help out. I had the same problem a decade ago when I had cable internet.

OK, connect pi to main router directly, and check, whether port forwarding works.

I've decided to revert to stock and it just worked. Then proceeded to flash openwrt again and it also worked? I have no idea why.... but everything is fine now. Port forwarding everything works perfectly.

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