Port Forwarding Lede WRT32x David’s version

Hello! Initially I explain my configuration:

Mwan3 balances between wan (ISP 2] and wan2 (ISP 3)

3 left over LAN Switchports on the WRT 32x, reachable at ..1.1 do DHCP in Range ..1.0/24

ISP 2 connects on WAN Interface at ..2.3
ISP 3 connects on VLAN Interface at ..3.3

Via origin Router ISP 2 I am trying to reach RDP Sessions running behind the WRT 32x
ISP 3 serves public Websites at local Ports, just fine...

I tried several Port forwarding, like forwarding from Origin Router ..2.1 to WRT 32x ..2.3 and then to LAN: no goal.
I used fromm specific MAC,IP to ANY
Zones are open to accept and Forward from wan > lan wan1 > lan and lan > wan,wan1

arghhh, can you help? thanks for reading

In order to better assist...please explain how you tell the devices which WAN to use - based on which port forward is triggered?

I don’t. Should this be done an the Device by setting the Gateway, or in WRT 32x?
I assumed the METRIK takes in here...

I was so hoping you had an answer for this.

A combination of those things need to occur. If I understand correctly, you only want a client to use the backup WAN on 2 occasions:

  • when WAN1 fails (this is the point of mwan3)
  • when a port forward on WAN2 is triggered

Basically, you need an additional mechanism to switch gateways only on the client in question- only when a relevant port forward on WAN2 is triggered. This might need a script that can sniff the incoming forwards, and apply Linux routing policies as applicable.

I know of no common method to carry this out. In addition, switching the forward for any/any at the time the forward is triggered, will break in-progress connections to the client via WAN1 if, the mechanism used isn't quite complex.

This is commonly accomplished by configuring the server to only use one WAN at a time and using Dynamic DNS to invoke a timely hostname change if the WAN fails over.

I appreciate your efforts, unfortunately you got me wrong. Failover is not my concern (today).
I am not able to setup the simple routing/forwarding from requests via ISP 2 to servers in LAN
WAN —> DSLModem/Router ISP 2 LAN —> WAN WRT32 LAN —> Server

I tried a extra wire LAN to LAN and had part time success reaching a Webserver. Part time means every few seconds, therefore I mentioned mwan3.

That's exactly what i said (the second option):

Everything I stated applies.

Right now I use Proxy Pass Reverse, on a Apache2 vHost Server behind ISP3 which is connected to WAN1, through a static Route to WR32x‘s LAN. Downloading from a machine in the ..1.1 network seems to be stable.
Means, I pass incoming traffic to a Server in ..3.x and then proxy to ..1.x. I don’t have clue why this is working.

Again...if I understood (lol)...it works because your traffic (in this case), passes through a proxy. Now...what I'm not certain is, if the actual server is configured to use one gateway, and the proxy uses the other.

If the traffic you're forwarding is always (and only) HTTP, this [proxy method] properly configured might work for you. The only caveat, on failover, there's no proxy server.