Port forwarding from multiple source zones in one rule?

Is it possible to setup forwarding from multiple source zones in one rule through Luci or cli?

Yes, you would use the following in your rule:

option src '*'

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Can something alike be used for selective choice of multiple zones?

  • Making a rule for each zone
  • You could try 'zonea zoneb' - I've never tried that before, not sure it works
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Is this through Luci or CLI?

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Configurations can be made via either method.

In relation to Luci, is it Network -> Firewall -> Port Forwards ?

I assume you already created a rule, which you wanted to apply to multiple zones.

What is your use case, describe the rule you're attempting to create that will solve your issue?

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DNAT port forwards / redirects require a single source zone. It impacts the zone-specific nftables chain where the rule would be written (e.g. dstnat_lan).