Port forwarding and OpenVPN

Hi, I'm trying to make port forwarding work.
My setup is a modem router from my ISP at which is connected my fritz!box 4040 with the latest OpenWRT. All my lan is connected to the fritz!box.
I was able to setup openvpn with expressvpn and it works fine without any dns leak.
Then I installed a bittorrent client on my nas with a portforwarding rule.
Everything seems to work fine, except that there is no traffic forwarded to the nas over the port I specified in the rule and the bittorrent client is telling me that the port is closed.

Did you open those ports on the VPN server...?

Thanks for the reply.
I googled a little just to find out that expressvpn doesn't allow any custom config. So there is no natting, nor portforwarding: all is encapsulated over the 443 port. It is possible to forward the port 8080 for remote access ExpressVPN portforwarding

Have you tried to follow that guide? Perhaps you could try if it works, the try other ports, then move to other devices in your network, ...

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I'll try but I'm not sure if It will work because betwen the openwrt router and the internet there Is the modem router from my isp and they are on 2 different lans.I didn't set on bridge the openwrt router because I need tu tunnel over the vpn all the devices connected.

The modem should not interfere, because of the VPN connection.