Port Forward and Fax not working

I have Installed OpenWrt Chaos Calmer 15.05 on WD MyNet N750 because it had Giga port.
I followed the guide to configure the port forwarding for my surveillance app but when I run app, I get Server Unreachable message on my app. I have followed all of the step in a guide. I am not sure what am I doing wrong. I have assigned static IP to my DVR and port 18010 but DVR does not get listed under Status->DHCP Leases.

Second problem I am facing is when I submit a fax job from window 7 PC to my Brother MFC-L2740DW, I get error message " Printer Offline" where as all print jobs print fine. Is there any configuration in OpenWRT for fax protocol,
All these was working fine under ASUS router.

I highly advise upgrading to 18.06.1. I wasn't even aware that Chaos Calmer existed for the N750. Chaos Calmer is old an unsupported. I own multiple N750's no issues on version 17 and 18.

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Thanks for the reply. I will do that.

I agree with @lleachii that it is really important to update to the latest version of OpenWrt.

Beyond that, to answer the questions you asked:

  1. if you set a static IP on your DVR (manual configuration on the device itself), it will not show up as a DHCP lease because it is never asking for a DHCP lease in the first place. If you've set it up as a Static Lease in the DHCP server, I don't think it shows up as a lease because the MAC address and IP address are already listed in the Static Lease section, and the DHCP leases section is really for the dynamic device addressing.
    Meanwhile, I don't understand what you mean about the port -- DHCP has nothing to do with the port you are referencing. Maybe you're talking about a firewall/port-forwarding rule?

  2. There is no standard 'fax' protocol between your computer and printer. But regardless, if your Windows PC and your printer are on the same network, the traffic is simply switched, meaning it does not go through the OpenWrt routing stack. As such, there is no way that the router can interfere with the fax functionality. I would check to make sure you have the latest firmware for your printer, and the latest software installed on your PC. Then check the settings on the printer, the printer software, and your Windows firewall. Beyond that, you'll want to search for the issue in general on the web and/or call tech support for your printer.