Port forward 25565

I have tired to open port 25565 on my R7800 but creating the rule in the firewall does not work.
The port is open on my proxmox VM.

Firewall setting:

Name : mc

Restrict to address family : automatic

Protocal : TCP UDP

Source zone : wan6 wan

External port : 25565

Destination zone : Lan

Internal IP Addres : (Pointed at minecraft server VM).lan

Internal Port : 25565

I am quite new to Openwrt so I appreciate any help as I am still learning.

Do you use an IP address or is this the local name?
If so you should try the IP address

Do you have a public IP on your WAN?

its pointed at ( (mcserver))

I believe that it is a private IP? I am unsure how to change this setting but I see how that would be an issue.

compare your WAN IP address with the one from a whatsmyip site, are they the same ?

If you don't have a public IP on you WAN there is no point in setting up port forwarding.

The WAN IP is in the range of Which is very different from whatismyip gave me. is a private network, you're being CGNATed, and your firewall rule will never work,
because there's a firewall in front of your firewall.

depending on your ISP and type of connection, you might be able to bridge the modem.

That makes a lot more sense. I will look into bridging.

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