Poor wireless speeds v23 RC2 vs v19 TP-Link Archer C2

I have 3x TP-Link Archer C2 AC 750 (1x V1, 2x V1.1)

I've been using 1 with OpenWRT version 19 for several years without problems.

I just flashed the other 2 with OpenWRT version 23 RC2

My wireless speeds are lower with V23 RC2 when compared to V19:

  • 2.4 GHz 17 Mbits/sec vs 86 Mbits/sec
  • 5 GHz 84 Mbits/sec vs 113 Mbits/sec

The speeds are much less consistent on 5 GHz. Although 84 was the highest reading during testing, it's usually much lower.

Is there a known issue with RC2? Should I post a bug report somewhere to help get it working for release?

did you reset them while upgrading ?

have you configured country for the radios ?

I didn't make it clear in my original message:

1x Archer C2 is on OpenWRT 19
2x Archer C2 have moved from stock firmware to OpenWRT 23 RC2. They've never had a previous version of OpenWRT (so no reset when upgraded)

Country code is set to GB

Wireless on OpenWRT V19 performs similarly well to what it did on the stock firmware.

I believe I've solved this by disabling 802.11w Management Frame Protection

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