Poor Wifi Reliability - Linksys 1900ACS V2

Hello everyone!

I have found that my wifi reliability has been less than stellar in the last week or so I installed open-LEDE on my router. I have seen several threads on this forum related to a need to upgrade the driver for mwlwifi. I am running the release version for this system. I migrated from openWRT in large part due to buffer bloat problems our network experienced.

In large part what I seem to see, is esp. when the network is generally under load, wifi will connect, then disconnect, then reconnect on clients sporadically, spaced between every 5-45 minutes. LAN clients are fine. When you go to reconnect to wifi, it refuses, and trying to say, connect to the 5 GHZ channel also refuses. If you didn't already have the password (I deleted the network entry from my keychain on a test device and flushed the local client network settings and cache). Devices work fine on other networks. It only seems to happen under load (more than 2 clients connected and active simultaneously) so of course, we only see the issue at night when everyone is home!

I am usually just very cautious of updating any drivers/firmware that isn't in the main branch, so I wanted to confirm with others if this is indeed a fairly stable and 'clean' driver for that integrated wifi chip (which I'm hoping will solve the instability issues).

I specifically noted someone was stating they updated this via an rc2 image, and I read over this related link here