Poor WiFi performance on netgear R6230 (R6220) - better on 19.07.0

So, the past cyber monday I wanted to get a router to run opnewrt and replace an older router that kept having problems.
I ended up with a Netgear R6230. I never tried doing anything with the stock firmware and just loaded up openwrt. After some time I noticed the performance wasn't great. I have just been able to find the time to upgrade to the R6220 version on 19.07. It does seem that the performance is better but it is still lacking.
I ran dsl reports speedtest from the same laptop and browser:

Ethernet              465 / 385
Netgear R6230  5GHz   152 / 210
               2.4GHz  74 / 1
FiOS-G1100     5GHz   283 / 13
               2.4GHz  75 / 79

The G110 is in the attic, probably 25 feet away, the netgear was 3 feet away.

Is there anything that can be done at this point?

Thanks - Bryan.