Poor Performance with WAN connection

I‘m using a BPI R3 with OpenWRT 21.02. Everything works fine except that my WAN connection seems to be really unreliable. Any client connected via WiFi or Ethernet takes a long time to load a page if even. Most times it ends up in a timeout and the connection can‘t be established at all. The BPI is connected as a network device through the WAN port to a FritzBox router which itself is connected via VDSL2 to the internet. OpenWRT is 100% stock and I didn‘t change anything with firewall or DNS settings. I recon there could be an issue with some settings? Maybe someone can help me set this up properly? Thank you!

How would we know, you haven't provided any details.

Post your /etc/config/network and /etc/config/firewall files.


My bad, I assume - I just thought there was maybe a best practice or something especially if stock configuration is used.

I found my issue though myself. It was that the WAN used the same IP range as my VLAN (192.168.1.XXX). Once I change the VLAN IP range, speed was as expected.

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