Poor performance problem of LEDE in KVM (proxmox)


I use OpenWRT/LEDE since some years now... On a virtual machine using proxmox hypervisor (KVM).

For now, we have an internet dial up that have more than 120Mbps bandwith. But when i use my OpenWRT on KVM, i only have 30-40Mbps. If i try a test trought the internet box directly, no problem my performance wil be very high.

And by OpenWRT, i hurt the limit 30-40Mbps.

My KVM use 2 LAN car virtio. My Host is AMD Ryzen or Core i5 last gen. My KVM have 4 core and 512mb memory.

A fine tunning allow me to have a full bandwith using my LEDE KVM?

What do these 2 para virtio cards connect to?

  • phy NICs?
  • VLANs?

phy nic, buit i already test using vlan too....

No more idea about this performance? No other person use LEDE or OpenWRT in KVM?

No one took a look into the crystal ball...
Could you provide more info/research? KVM config, cpu utilization of host and vm while you are doing a speedtest...

I think there are many users that use OpenWRT in a KVM virtual machine.