Poor performance on tp-link archer

I recently bought this tp-link archer C7v5 and notice that the wifi and wired speed connections are very poor, around 100-200mbits/s, I read some posts here of people with kind of the same problem, but different versions from mine.
Whan can I do to improve speed?
Thanks in advance.

You can upgrade the hardware.

So there's no way to improve the speed on my archer C7?

Going back to stock fw...

not an option....I have for example a WDR4300 from 2012 that is much faster than my archer C7 which is much nwer and more powerfull on paper, that's why I ask if something can be done

Incorrect, the tl-wdr4300 bails out around 170 MBit/s (plain routing, no PPPoE, no sqm, no offloading), but is already very choppy and laggy at that load - its real maximum is closer to 150 MBit/s.

You are comparing ar9344 at 560 MHz vs qca9563 at 750 MHz (ath10k will need a bit more RAM and will also demand more attention from the SOC to reach 802.11ac speeds, but-) these are rather comparable. The ~25% higher clockspeed of the c7v5 wil only push the limits towards 190-210 MBit/s respectively in favour of the c7v5. ath79 just is an old target, designed for 25-100 MBit/s wan connections in mind; they simply can't cope with modern demands of highend cable- or fibre.

I reached 300-350mbit/s on 5Ghz with the tl-wdr-4300.

That is very unlikely (and neither matches my experience).

The 5 GHz radio of the tl-wdr4300 is rated at 3x3 802.11n, at HT40 this results in a net link speed of 450 MBit/s - in practice you end up with roughly half of that (under ideal circumstances), if your client can also match 3x3 (it likely won't, most clients are 2x2, so you'd end up with roughly half of 300 MBit/s) . and all of this assumes LAN <--> WLAN speeds, anything involving WAN is limited by the maximum routing performance of 170 MBit/s.

350-400 MBit/s are expected practical (2x2/ HT80) throughputs of 802.11ac (on the archer c7-v5 probably more towards 300-350 MBit/s).

Disclaimer: I own (and have tested-) the tl-wdr3600 and tl-wdr4300, but don't own an archer c7 (but better/ faster 802.11ac and 802.11ax devices).

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If client isolation is off then could mch's 300-350mbit/s be bypassing the router's CPU?

I see this speed on wireless overview, also higher on a client pc, like 800mbit/s. But when transfering max 200. What's the difference?

That bitrate is the physical link rate (there are lots of other terms for it). It's completely different to the actual data throughput mbit/s you get as an end user.

A good analogy: humans can talk much faster (words per second) than our minds can actually keep up with, but only for short bursts. If you talk really quickly then you have to take breaks to think of what to say next. Averaged over time you actually achieve a lower bitrate, especially when you consider other problems like collisions (two people talking at once), misheard words (have to repeat them) and other protocol overheads (headers, etc).

The same thing occurs (to a less serious degree) with wired links. Many network cards can only do 800mbit/s max on a "1gbit" ethernet link.