Poll: How should the time be presented in WebUI

There was a discussion recently on adoption of SI standards within OpenWrt and the topic of how the time should be presented in WebUI came up. I would appreciate if forum users vote for which way they would prefer.

  • "2 h 2 min 2 s" -- the only right (SI) way
  • "2 h 2 m 2 s" -- slightly wrong way
  • "2h 2m 2s" -- it's wrong and I like it
  • "02:02:02" -- from feedback

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What about 00:00:00 (no, I don't really have a preference - with a minor tendency towards 3)?

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You mean uptime?


Not the router uptime, no. I believe the discussion is around the time since handshake for wireguard tunnel.

If we are voting for local time then the current way seems ok (except UK users would usually read DD-MM-YYYY rather than YYYY-MM-DD).


I guess that's similar to uptime then.

Although I don't mind the other ways, I'd prefer if things followed standards.



  • This is not indicated anywhere in your OP...
  • My WG page doesn't show hours, mins secs...it appears to round (e.g. it simply says 2h)
  • I assume you extrapolate this from the wg show command like all other data...the wg command spells out the words