Polipo and IPV6 support

Hi, I am using polipo and I have noticed that the support for IPV6 is not enabled. Is there a reason for that? Is it maybe unstable?
Every time a new LEDE firmware is issued I download the SDK and compile polipo+IPV6 myself (it's just about activating a flag in the makefile). Could the package be changed? Is there anybody else using polipo? (maybe it's possible to know it from the download statistics of the site?)


Most likely because size was/is a concern and IPv6 isn't widely adopted. How much larger is a IPv6 enabled package compared to the original?

It's 229784 bytes against 147877 original -
however, I am not sure that it could be
optimised a bit more with some switches at
compile time...

The notion that ipv6 isn't widely adopted really isn't true anymore, especially for mobile operators and many other large service providers.

This is also a regression in functionality from what OpenWrt provides. I wonder if there really is a need for a smaller package, and if so, an alternative package should really be provided.

If there is some better place to raise this issue, please advise me of such as this seems to be falling in a crack between LEDE and OpenWrt. The LEDE project do not seem to have their own bug tracker for packages, at least one that I could find.