Policy Based Routing Wireguard - Specific Application

This is probably crazy but I need to say it out loud to see how crazy I am.

I currently use Wireguard for a specific app on my Android TV box. I simply side loaded the android app and it does work and I have set it to only work on PSVue (the app).

My question is through policy based routing could I remove the app and set this up on my router (8devices Jalapeno) to route this specific app through Wireguard and leave everything else well enough alone?

I ask since the app is sort of flaky but does work and will continue that route if this is impossible. I imagine I would have to identify the app somehow so it knows how to route it, but my tiny brain cannot solve that issue.


Sure you can. May people on this forum are running Wireguard on their router - and use policy based routing.

And you could identify the device by its IP.

Appreciate the comment. The part that gets tricky is I do not want the entire Android TV box to go through Wireguard just a specific app to go through Wireguard on the Android TV Box.

What's the problems with the wireguard android app?

If you want to separate the traffic from a single app then you probably need to run a vpn app anyway unless the app can be configure to use a proxy server,

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