Point hostname to specific IP:port

Hello all,

It´s possible to make this config?

I have a specific host im my network that responses into an specific port, like ip:8888...

Ok, I config dnsmasq, static lease to this host, so i write "host//" in browse and I can access without problem, but, I have to type the port number (8888), like "host:8888"...

Is there anyway to configure this redirect in Openwrt? Is there other way to config this?


This is not possible in OpenWrt (on its own) because OpenWrt (like all routers) works at L3 (routing). You'd need the data to be processed at a higher level on the OSI model. However, you may be able to do it with nginx reverse proxy techniques, which can be done with OpenWrt by installing and configuring nginx.


Like reinvent the wheel?

Thanks for information @psherman !