Pogoplug E02 stock uboot - cant create .img & ubifs

I've read the instructions on the CloundEngines Pogoplug device page many times & I might be going crazy!
I'm an embedded s/w Engineer by training, but a relative novice when talking about embedded Linux.

looking at the instructions is seems very clear what to do, but I am having problems getting the .img & ubifs files from the 19.07.01 .bin file linked to on the device page. I read & noted the comment about things not working since 20 Aug 2019.

I downloaded the Firmware for OpenWrt install (when I have stock firmware). The checksum is correct :slight_smile:

My problem is this. when I try to extract files from this ###factory.bin (using binwalk -e) on Ubuntu Linux. I get this response "WARNING: Extractor.execute failed to run external extractor 'ubireader_extract_files -o '%%ubifs-root%%' '%e'': [Errno 2] No such file or directory: 'ubireader_extract_files': 'ubireader_extract_files' "

I've added various external extractors including Squashfs & still I get the above message. In desperation I even tried downloading the 18.06.4 version with the same outcome.

I'm wondering are the instructions on the page correct i.e
Make sure that the following files from the bin/kirkwood folder are accessible through the tftpserver.

  • If you intend to install a second stage bootloader: openwrt-kirkwood-pogo_e02_second_stage-u-boot.img

  • openwrt-kirkwood-pogoe02-rootfs.ubifs

I wish to KEEP the existing bootloader (not ready to take the risk!)
Should I be using binwalk or is there a more appropriate tool?

I did download from another page, a file called u-boot.img (for the Pogo-E02) & followed the instructions. I successfully programmed the original MTD1: (0x100000) with the contents. So my PogoPlug boots to the point where it checksums the contents of MTD1 & aborts!

Any help is greatly appreciated. I'm suspecting this will be relatively simple to fix but have exhausted what google has to offer.

Thanks in anticipation, Kevin

Did you try this to install openwrt? I did it and there's no problem.