PogoPlug E02 build include more modules?


PogoPlug E02 has 256M RAM and 128M flash. The flash space is very nice so can we add ext4 and usb-storage to default build?

Anyone has success in installing OpenWrt 21 to internal flash of this device and how?

Currently I'm using debian with 2016 uboot both made by bodhi from this forum https://forum.doozan.com

See wiki page for the PogoPlug E02 device at https://openwrt.org/toh/cloud_engines/pogoplug

You can always create your own build, and add or remove whatever packages you need.

The instruction doesn't work for openwrt 21.02. There's no rootfs file.

Can the squashfs "root" file inside the sysupgrade.bin be used instead and how?

With either console access or netconsole from uboot, follow this post to flash openwrt to E02