PoE IN not working on EdgeRouter-X

I am using latest stable version 22.03.2. Configuration is factory/default. When EdgeRouter is connected to a PoE outlet through the 'eth0 / PoE IN' port, it does not power on. Other PoE devices work on that outlet. Cable used to connect EdgeRouter is a CAT5e UTP.

The unit only accepts Ubiquiti's 24 volt passive PoE. It does not work with 802.3 af/at etc.


To add to the comment above, in my non-critical home setting I've used a cheap and small passive PoE adaptor from aliexpress for about 6 months without an issue. Obviously in a professional environment you'd be better off with the genuine unifi adaptor.

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And adding another bit... there is an adapter that Ubiquiti sells to adapt 802.3af > 24V passive PoE specifically for this use case (and for other 24V passive devices).


also, further out of the box, does the ER-X power on with the regulars adapter in place?

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