Podman has older version in 23.05.3, how to trigger new build/release?

Hi, podman in 23.05.3 is not working for me, it has a known bug that should be fixed in 4.8.1 already (openwrt 23.05.3 has 4.8.0). I found out the mainline has a newer version (5.0.0, see https://github.com/openwrt/packages, I suppose that one is used for snapshot builds?).

I would like to have a newer version in 23.05.3 (for update with opkg or with image builder). How should I get this triggered/requested, please?


Yes snapshot is using podman 5.

In theory a PR to backport podman 5 to branch 23.05 should be enough, but podman 5 has a lot of new dependencies (netavark for example)

All of them would need to backported.

So it might be easier to bump the podman version in the 23.05 branch to 4.8.1.

But that would be up to you.

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