Plusnet VDSL on Plusnet Hub One

Hi All, I have managed to get 21.02.2 installed via serial console (and fine soldering)

Everything is up and running but I have yet to test on the office FTTC - anyway I was just reading the wiki / guide this morning here;

and this section caught my attention;

so make sure you use the right DSL firmware as Openreach may ban your line for using an uncompliant equipment.

Looking in Interface > DSL the field 'Firmware File' is empty. My question is, if I have downloaded the correct version of OWRT for this device, do I need to load a specific DSL firmware here?

Apols if I have skipped over this info anywhere in my rush to get going :slight_smile:

OK so I cant even read now lol! The section just about quotes this link for downloads;

and the previous section of above says "Openreach uses Annex A (DSL over POTS) for syncing with the DSLAM in its VDSL network (the reported 'Annex B' in LuCI is the bandplan)"

Not sure I understand this, nor which f/w to download...

I've used both the included firmware of OpenWrt and updated versions that were available on bills forum and never had issues. Admittedly it was the Bt version of the hub5 but i wouldnt worry too much about it.

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Just follow instructions in section 7.5 and 9.1 for Plusnet VDSL (PPPoE)

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I just use the firmware version included in the Openwrt build, no need to change it - not in the UK anyway.

I've been using a BT Hub 5A with openwrt on and sometimes the Plusnet branded version as my main DSL modem/router for upwards of 5 years, with various Openreach based ISPs, mostly BT, Plusnet, Sky and Now.

No issues, although I did recently have to swap to a spare power supply as I suspect the original is failing.

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