PlusNet Hub One PFSense Bridge Modem only

Hi all,

First post here, so go easy on me. I did find some relevant posts on the topic, but I can't gauge well between resurrection of a dead one vs starting a new one. I'll try to be short and precise abt what I currently have and what I'd like to do with it.

I am currently using PlusNet as ISP and due to some random mistakes on their part I ended up with a few Hub One routers, one if which is still in the box and plastic wrapped. I want to go away from consumer grade products and so far have invested in three Unifi 6 Lite access points which work great, with a controller on a RPi, have a 48-port D-Link Gigabit switch and the Plusnet Hub One. My initial plan was to get a Vigor 130 or 166 and hook it up to a PFSense box and manage everything from there. Million dollar question is can I flash the Plusnet hub with OpenWRT and use it in bridge/half bridge mode with a PFSense box, obv wanna avoid double NAT and I have servers running at home so I do want it somewhat stable. I know that some people have problems with Internet speed and sometimes with Wifi, I have no interest in using the Plusnet for Wifi or for router purposes. Just trying to decided whether it's worth the trouble and if it's possible at all. Thank you all!

fwiw, section 9.8 describes how to set up VDSL bridge modem on HH5a so you can use any 3rd party router of your choice, using PPPoE to connect to Plusnet FTTC service.

As BT wholesale limit FTTC speeds to 80 mbps, you shouldn't need to worry about HH5a running out of steam in 'bridge mode' unlike when operating in normal 'router' mode - see section 7.12 of same guide. Imho, HH5a operating in dumbed down 'bridge' mode unlikely to be any better than a Vigor or Openreach modem.

Hi Bill,

Thank you!! This is exactly the kind of guidance I needed. I am happy to hear the HH5a can be used in bridge mode. The PDFs in the Dropbox you linked are a goldmine. I didn't know everything is so detailed. TBH I am not expecting better performance from the Plusnet router, just trying to save some pounds and perhaps invest them in another part of the network, esp since I already have a somewhat capable device which could do the trick. I've ordered a PL2303 cable and will get on with this project once the cable arrives. I'll report back here sometime in the near future with updates.

Thank you again.