Plusnet Hub One AKA BTHH5A and OpenWrt-22.03.2 & MAC duplication

I have one Plusnet Hub 1 (PH1) as main VDSL router and 2 dumb WAP connected by cable. One is another PH1 and the other is an old TPLink device. I tried to transfer a file via the VDSL router to a PC on the PH1 WAP and it kept crashing. This was all cable. I have a hot spare and I swapped out the main VDSL router for another and it was still a bit flaky. Noticed that I had trouble getting the suspect faulty PH1 to boot normally when testing it.
It would try to boot and then the lights would go out for about 35 seconds when it would then start to boot again. This kept repeating . I have another PH1 (4 in total) and all were running openwrt-22.03.2. This fault occasionally happens on them all so not hardware related.
Searched the web for answers and it seems I am not alone:

As suggested in the Github article I have reverted the service PH1 to openwrt-21.02.3 and they work perfectly.

The MAC problem I sorted out. One of the PH1 routers case label MAC address was different from the hardware MAC address. The spurious address is:


Maybe there are more PH1 or HH5A routers using this ? It would only become a problem if like me you are using them as WAP on a network.