Plugin for routing clients through a proxy?

How do I set it up for SSTP vpn's?
Because the description of the "vpn-policy-routing" package doesn't list SSTP vpn's.

Establish the VPN connection and check the routes/rules:

ip route show table all; ip rule show

why would OpenWRT be monitoring my pc's vpn connection?
Otherwise I don't see how that tells me how to set it up.

If you want to route OpenWrt clients to VPN, set up the VPN connection on OpenWrt.

You haven't said how to setup SSTP specifically

It doesn't need to be SSTP specifically.
There are other VPN protocols that support HTTP proxy:
How do I setup the sstp-client package? - #13 by vgaetera

I don't fricking mean vpn through http proxy.
I mean one or the other, NOT both.

Even if you are using SSTP, is still goes through a proxy.
Even if the proxy is transparent, it is still a proxy.
Thus, you will anyway use both explicitly or implicitly.

But this configuration is transparent to the router clients.
Only the router itself requires to set up the VPN connection.
So, the clients do not need to configure proxy and VPN.

One or the other, NOT BOTH!!!!
And you still haven't said how to do sstp specifically.

SSTP client config for OpenWrt is almost the same as PPTP client:

The only substantial difference should be:

opkg update
opkg install sstp-client
uci set network.vpn.proto="sstp"
uci commit network
/etc/init.d/network restart
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Proxy all trafic : yes it's possible, but not with half way used of squid stuff or the not clear shadowsocks old package. After doing lot of try for that i found : Brook ! Based on shadow... and multiple option. The package fully work and install as a breeze on rc4. I can have an openwrt acting as a full proxy. Just as if it was a vpn. I haven't find the status properly, but no big deal. it work and it do want you want.

That looks like it's perfect...!
Unfortunately because of this issue I can't go for it yet....
Unless there's a way to manually download all of the packages needed onto your pc without using OpenWRT to do it.

Well, it's a proxy yes, but Brook, is not related to any owrt stuff about proxy. So it's not affected by that bug. Just log ssh, install needed package, inst brook, refresh, set the ip and protocol then connect. hop all passing over the new route 'called proxy' but not see as that for owrt as it's another/different pkg.

where do I get the dependencies from then?
Brook install instructions say to use opkg in OpenWRT to install the dependencies.

Check over one of the issues about owrt package. At end: full steps are listed. easy.
or also on the brook page, install .. the first line about the ipk.. but bit unclear.

I hope to god you don't mean this one.
That's my report of the bug, the steps being how to reproduce it.
And it's the only issue relevant to the bug that I could find searching for "opkg"
If you meant a suggestion of exporting it as an environment value, don't.
Already tried it, didn't work.
And I'm the one that the suggestion was given to.
If you meant something else entirely, please give me the link.

The Brook installation instructions only provide the ipk for Brook in and of itself.
But it doesn't provide the ipk's for its dependencies.

Proxy just don<t work with owrt, you have to pass externally and not related to previous.
Here is:
opkg update
opkg install openvpn ca-certificates openssl-util ca-bundle coreutils-nohup
upload le Brook ipk file * c : brook_linux_amd64.ipk
Refresh page.
set srv
Ntwk / dhcp-DNS / GenSetting - DNS forwardings :

-Firefox v.90 fully show the log page.

opkg on 21.02 isn't using the proxy set in its options!
That means I can't use opkg update, nor to install anything from repos!
"have to pass externally"
what do you mean by that?
"pass externally" with zero explanation what that is isn't helpful.

I can't install it on the 19.07-SNAPSHOT build of OpenWRT currently installed
because the packages require a newer kernal.
There's no way to update the kernal without updating the OpenWRT installation itself.
I can't update to one of the 21.02 snaopshots because of the opkg version in them not using the proxy in its settings.
And those 21.02 snapshot builds are the only thing I can update it to.
And it's either "brook_linux_mips.ipk" or "brook_linux_mipsle.ipk" that goes with my router.
No clue which one them though.

2 missing step i guess:
dwl rc4 official img
set ip, set ipv6 to off
then the recipe. fully working.