Plugged cables not showing in LuCI

How come plugged ethernet cables do not look like this? :
Screen Shot 2022-11-14 at 16.44.51

Wan and lan1 ports are up and running.

…but in Network>Switch, everything is empty!

Does this mean there is something wrong somewhere or is it just a gui bug?

1.You could try a archive save and then factory reset. Then restore your archive save.
2. You could try uninstalling luci and reinstalling it.
3. Maybe try updating it to stable?

If you're running current LuCI on a WRT54G-series device, I would hazard a guess that the web GUI crashes before it looks up the switch config.

What version of OpenWrt is that?

(I haven't been able to run LuCI on one of those since version 17.)

It's a wrt54GS with 32MB ram. It's running Openwrt 22.03.2
LuCI is slow but does the job.