Pls help how to install wr940n v4 lede?

pls help how to install wr940n v4 lede ?
there is a firmware but can upgrade through webui
nad also tftpd error?
pls badly needed how?

The list of available firmware for the WR940N can be found here...[Model*~]=wr940n+

If you have TP-Link factory firmware currently installed, you use the firmware in the Firmware LEDE Install URL column.

Otherwise, when upgrading from a previous version of LEDE, or if you are using OpenWRT, you use the firmware from the Firmware LEDE Upgrade URL column.

The TP-Link web GUI may have trouble with the long file name, so you might rename it to something like factory.bin.

If you get the "18005 error", you will probably need to try TFTP.

hi jwoods thanks for the reply...
yes there's an error in upgrading to web GUI! when upgrading thru tftp...
what method should i use ..tftpd or the tftpdjounin

Yes, I recommend Jounin TFTPD:

Some TFTPD software only does tftp-GET (TFTP Server)

You'll need to use a program like Jounin TFTPD to use tftp-PUT ("TFTP Client")

i will try it now...

BTW they say i would need a switch hub or jus put tplink router direct...

I beleive you're asking if you can plug into the router, or do you need a switch/hub.

In my experience, I've had success with TFTP plugging to the Ethernet port of devices directly; but you must configure a static IP, of course.

Even though your router is not "bricked", this tutorial works for upgrades as well...

In your case, you would rename the LEDE firmware file wr940nv4_tp_recovery.bin

thanks for lleachii, jwoods, amaurynieto ....
thanks for the help...
may god bless you all...

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You can filter for more than just the model, which leads directly to the correct firmware for this hardware version:[Model*~]=wr940n+&dataflt[Versions*~]=v4

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However, since there were only 5 choices, I assumed the OP would figure it out.

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my case was....when i was trying to figure out how to flash v4 is...i stumble upon a thread which puzzles me a lot... Build for TP-Link TL-WR940N V4 [all versions] i came up of making my own thread..
and thanks for the immediate action...thx very much

Glad you got it sorted.

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Hi jknee00, may I ask you exactly the steps to follow in order to load LEDE in my wr940nv 4? THanks so much!

just follow jwoods instrucion

The list of available firmware for the WR940N can be found here…[Model*~]=wr940n+8