Plex Media Server installation on ARM router?

I own a WRT32X with OpenWrt 18.06.1 and I would like to install Plex Media Server on it, running 24/7 on low power.

Due to the limited hardware (1.8GHz dual core ARMv7, 512MB RAM) I plan to use it without the transcoding capabilities, only for direct play (stream).

I have done some research and found out that some devs got the binaries for a ARMv7 build from the download page ( and rebuilt them to be compatible with OpenWrt ARMv7 devices but i have not the faintest idea about how to accomplish it by myself.

Besides, I have checked that the ARMv7 based builds for OpenWrt around there are pretty outdated (PMS 0.90) like the one mentioned in this thread (

Would it be possible to get an updated ARMv7 build for other platform (like ASUSTOR, Synology or QNAP ones) and rebuild i to make it compatible with OpenWrt? Is there a guide to read about it and try to cross-compile it by myself?

Thanks in advance.

I have tried the 0.9X build from the thread but just as the user that comments on 2018, the stream does not start.

PMS installs perfectly along with the script and can be accessed at the router local ip and port 32400. But whenever I try to play a file from a client (I have tried SmartTV, Windows and Android clients) it shows an error and refuses to start.