Please recommend a USB modem / dongle

Dear Experts,

I have a TP Link TL-WDR4300 router and OpenWRT version 18 running on it.
I would like to buy a USB modem / dongle for a SIM card, so that I could use internet via the mobile network in case the normal internet connection should fail. I have read on this forum, that the best option is to use a Huawei stick. I made a quick research and the following Huawei models are available in various e-shops in my country:


Please kindly advise which one works best, so I can buy it.

And one more question - what should I do in order to get it working ? Will I have to seek and install drivers or there is a chance for it to work out of the box (or should I quit dreaming :slight_smile: )

Many thanks for your help and advice!

Upgrading to 23.05 would be the first step. Then you need to add the required modules / software for the dongle you finally bought.

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None of them, these are all ancient devices.

I own the same router, but I have it running 23.05.0; is there a reason why you are using such an old version?

I got it like this. It is a gift from a dear friend who initially put OpenWRT on it and had some incredible configuration running on it.
Like my jaw dropped when I saw the amount of vlans and stuff he had on it.
So, he reinstalled and configured it for me, it took 4 hours, as all the time there were some problems. He even installed OpenVPN for me and I just had to do the NordVPN config, which wasn't so complex, but it took me almost a month to get it working :frowning:
And the advice of that friend was - use it as it is, do not upgrade... This is why I enjoy using it and don't really need additional hassle. I've got too many other things on my to do list :frowning:
And I already burned much more time on this router than I had anticipated in the beginning :frowning:

alright, please recommend some good one, I will see if I can get it here.
Also the price matters, I am not looking at a big investment here, as I just need it in case of emergency...

how to add those modules ? Will they be available in the OpenWRT repositories ? Many thanks!

You need to define your requirements, see this topic for example 4G modem purchase suggestion

If price is the only buying factor, search for a second hand classic E3372H, for use in Europe you'll probably need E3372H-153.
Ignore all offers stating "new E3372", "E3372 replacement", etc.

The most important is that it would start working easily. Of course the price is also an objective, but if it will cost 20 EUR or 40, it doesn't matter, I'd rather spend a few more euros than spending weeks to make it work.


I was much hoping for a quick answer, I need to buy this very soon, was even hoping to purchase it today.

If you've got no better answer, could anyone please
answer what is the difference between `E3372H and E3372.
I found E3372H in only one e-shop, but they write in the description, that they are temporarily delivering a similar Alcatel device due to compatibility issues.

Many thanks!

H is HiLink mode, E3372 is probably the same, there's a S model, which is stick.

That means that you will get something that has nothing to do with the classic Huawei model, it probably similar in their dreams only, you never know. Avoid it, until they can provide detailed information about it.

You should not buy just "E3372H" or "E3372", what you need is a complete version like "E3372H-XXX" that is normally printed on sticker. Remember, these original models are not manufactured anymore, you can either buy second hand original device or a new fake/clone.

S is a predecessor of H, they both can run either "stick" (v21) or HiLink (v22) firmware.

Thanks a lot. I have ordered the E3372