Please point me in the right direction --> Sitecom Geyhound AC2600

I want to put LEDE on my Sitecom Greyhound. Neither Google or the forums can put me in the right direction.
What are the first steps I should take?

Anyone who can point me in the right direction?

Not sure why indicates that OpenWRT can be used. Looks like it is using "ancient" (c. 2013) OpenWRT-based OEM firmware (from the archived forum link below)

U-Boot 2012.07-WLR-9100-uboot_version:V1.0.0 [Attitude Adjustment 12.09.1,r38621]

For most "new" devices:

  • Connect to the boot console, get a boot log and the kernel-startup log
  • Find whatever source the manufacturer/distributor provides
  • Find a motivated developer, and/or help motivate one by getting a device into their hands

There was discussion of the Greyhound back in 2015, archived at

It looks like the 300€ price for what doesn't appear to be an earth-shattering device didn't lead to a lot of excitement.

See also

-> Image could have been built after support for AP148 had been added

OpenWrt images for AP148 are available:

Other devices found with AP148 reference design:

Installation method found for both: TFTP, see devicepages for installation instructions.

Conclusion: There is hope that the Sitecom WLR-9100 / Greyhound can run OpenWrt.

If you find out which image to flash and how to do it, please let the forum know.

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Thx! I will start testing and let the forum know!

Did you succeed?