PLEASE i need the stripped version of TP-Link MR3220 v2

hello, i have an old tp-link mr3220 and wanted to revert it back to original firmware but i always get the "Failed to erase block" error message, i tried every command and every solution i even tried to create stripped version myself following a tutorial but nothing worked.

so could anyone please give me a stripped versio nof the mr3220 v2 firmware?

it was on this website but its no longer working:

also the link on openwrt website to download the BIN file is not working:

now the router is completely broke

Do you have the striping instructions?

yes i did follow a tutorial:
it says that if you get that error you need to download the stripped version, also tried the : skip=257 bs=512 command, also tried to delete 200bit from the original version to make it stripped i guess and didnt work

i found the openwrt version at:

so it's solved ?

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NO, this is not the stripped version!!!