Please help with openvswitch install!

i want to install openvswitch on my openwrt router permanently.
can anyone help me with the commands that how to install?

That requires flashing the hardware with a firmware that has the software pre installed and built do a normal install:

opkg update
opkg install openvswitch

i am already used this command but openvswitch not installed permanently.
it will automatically removed.
and every time i want internet connection to my openwrt router and when i reboot my device then again i have to install openvswitch on my openwrt device.
Can you please help me for this.....????

What make and model router do you have?

i have tp link 840n v5 router
i already install openwrt on that router

This device only has 4 MB flash. Are you receiving any install errors when attempting?

how much flash is required to install openvswitch?

You can consult the Package Table...but my concern is that the flash space is just large enough for the ~4MB OpenWrt image.

  • How much free space do you have?

Use the command free to check.

but when i am using internet connection on my device so it working properly...
How can i install openvswitch permanently on my device?


these result i got...

correction - the df command

Thats RAM memory you're looking at, you want flash space.

df -h

should give you the free filesystem space.

EDIT: it seems extremely unlikely that you have enough free filesystem space on a 4MB flash device for openvswitch. I'm guessing you will need a router with more storage space. It's pretty easy to get 32MB or 64 or even 128 these days.

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thanks@ dlakelan
i got these results....Capture2

Yep, so your overlay is using a tmpfs which is in RAM, and your /rom is entirely used, you can't install anything here. It's possible by compiling your own image you could squeeze in some stuff, but I just don't know. Your best plan is to upgrade to a router with say 64 or 128MB of flash and save yourself headache.

EDIT: even 16MB would be a big improvement, and there are lots of those devices available. see the table of hardware.

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i will...
thanks guyss for your great support
thank you so much dlakelan and lleachii

Can you share me the hardware list or link for that?


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thank you lleachii
can you tell me how to remove openwrt from the router and again install original os on router?

I don't see a device page; and I don't own this device.

  • Have you tried flashing the OEM firmware via the web GUI?