Please help me with some basics


i have a 5G Router outside my house witch usually is in bridge mode.
Indoor i use 3 Deco M4R v2.0.

I hate cloud bullshit so i was trying to setup a OpenWRT Network.
I have tried to get it to work for 2 days now and i`m so close to flash back the original firmware.

My isp router is usually in Bridge mode, but even in "normal" mode i can`t get OpenWRT to do anything.

My isp router for normally use
Sometimes if i connect my isp router to openwrt when its in bridge mode, openwrt will give my device my public ip, then i can access the gan...but not openwrt or anything lan.

Can someone give me simple Instructions how i can configure OpenWRT in this case?

I actually somehow got Diagnostics to resolve and ping and, but even then no wan network was avaiable on my end devices.

Thanks for any help.

Let's start here:

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Wan will be available only on internet connected deco which will do NAT dhcp client, server, others will make only mesh nodes routing to that.

I know that.
But i need to get my main deco to run correctly before i can think of configuring the other decos.

But thanks :slight_smile:

@LilRedDog I will try to get it to run again today and if i fail i will post the configs here. Thank you
Best regards,

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Just take one deco and connect to internet as a normal router-ap
Then add mesh 11s network (or batman-adv) and connect others.

Thank you all got it to work.
Just needed another vlan for wan

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Thanks! :slight_smile:

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It could help people, that actually search, if you were to amend the title and give people details in, exactly, what the solution was, how you figured it out and details on the fix.


The problem with that is, i think i can't change the title anymore. I also couldn't it back then, thats why i used the "Solution" button as it where described in the documentation.