Please. Help me, unbrick my DAP-2610 Dlink

After updating firmware to last version (snapshot):
My DAP-2610 is bricked, I only get a red light, not booting

Please. Help me,

Can you tell me what I need to buy to access to unbrick my DAP-2610?

And Could you show me how to proceed for recovering it?


serial USB TTL, for 3.3v, might want to buy one supporting 1.8v too, just to be on the safe side.


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Could you show me how to proceed for recovering it?

as described in;a=commit;h=52b8c7a8928ccdc80436c76955f237960ea3bf1f

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Can you show me detail: step by step to recovering it.. Thank so much

based on the internal photos at
the console's located here


pin out is in the git commit, don't connect the 3.3v pin.

try this 1st though + read the rest of the thread, there might be additional useful info in it.

hi, @frollic! I have usb to serial cable for recover my DAP-2610 via serial console.(FTDI FT232RL USB to TTL Serial Converter Adapter Module)

Please, could you show me how to proceed for recovering my DAP-2610? There is any guide for recovering?

Thanks for your help,

google putty serial recovery router, and you'll find plenty of guides.

it mean connect 3 pin: rx, tx and GND? because my cable don't have 1.8v pin

Yes, and you never connect the Vcc pin.

If the port is dead, try swapping the Tx and Rx pins.

Voltage on the port is 3.3v, according to git commit.