Please help me NanoStation M2 to Return to the original software without the Rest button

I installed openwrt to NanoStation M2
now I want return to original without Rest button
who do that



(Although, it seems much more difficult to revert without using the rest button...but perhaps your button is broken or something.) :man_shrugging:

Hope this helps.

If I were in that situation I'd find another one running stock firmware and use cat /dev/mtdX to read the kernel and rootfs partitions from it. These can then be written with mtd under OpenWrt.

De-constructing the stock firmware distribution file to a sysupgrade compatible raw binary will be tricky.

The Ubiquiti power injectors have a button on the bottom which injects a voltage to the cable to activate the reset button circuit remotely, as if the button on the unit were pressed. It has to be one of the old 24 volt 100Mb injectors. The gigabit-ready ones also have a reset button but it works a different way.

if your button is broken use a metal object to make contact between the same contacts