Please help me nanostation AC loco WDS problem

I have a nanostaiton AC loco and i installed open wrt on it and I make access point wds and i have PowerBeam M5 400 i make it Station WDS from nanostaiton AC loco the PowerBeam M5 400 it's showing TX only and RX its missed 300/
like the picture

please help

Air-os wds is incompatible with OpenWrt wds.
Change the Ubiquiti device to STA mode instead of STA wds.
You then have to scan and join the OpenWrt network.

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Ubiquiti device it's STA wds
and OpenWrt its access point wds
are there any a way to fix the problem
if I unchecked wds from Ubiquiti device it's working but the ip Static not showing and the eth0 give clients the same mac address
and I don't that

What @bluewavenet is saying is that you have to run the same OS on both ends for WDS to work. You can make a regular AP-STA connection between AirOS and OpenWrt, but not WDS.

and one more thing i have two nanostaiton AC loco and i installed openwrt on them and make the first one access point wds and the second Station WDS
and problem it's the same

i have two nanostaion ac loco and i install openwrt on them i set the one to sta wds and other accesspoint wds on 5GHz. not working but
the 2.4GHz its completely workings with wds
but only 5GHz. it's not working
i want the working in wds and 2.4GHz it's not important to me
how can convert wds on 2.4GHz to 5GHz.
please help me
Even if I have to rebuild the software or modify kernel:sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:
I really appreciate any one can give me help

WDS is old and was never standardised. Just switch it off, scan on the STA for the AP and join the network.

If you want it automated use an 802.11s mesh link.
Just create a new wireless interface of type 802.11s at each end and go.

I stopped trying to use WDS a few years ago.

Please mind: MHz != GHz
You mean 2.4GHz / 5GHz.

You can edit your posting to correct this mistake.

The two radios are completely separate and have separate drivers (ath9k for the 2.4 and ath10k for the 5). Switch the ath10k driver and firmware to the one without -ct in the name. The ct driver has some features that the other one doesn't (and vice versa) but it will run out of memory and crash on this model which only has 64M of RAM.

also 802.11s mesh not working on 5GHz.
but it's working very well on 2.4GHz :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:

i think the problem it's in drive ath10k for the 5 like mk24 say
can i edit the drive or fix this

This ^^ as last I knew, 802.11s wasn't supported by the -CT drivers on "Wave 1" chip sets.

can i make it support
because I want to connect mikrotik to them
For customers
And to know the mac address of customers in mikrotik
the original mac address

Can you change the ath10k-CT driver and firmware, no. Is the developer of the CT driver and firmware going to change it to support 802.11s1, as far as I know, no. Can you use the ath10k driver and firmware, yes.

1 The -CT drivers support 802.11s on later chipsets without issue.

I am willing to pay anyone to fix the problem
and one more qu
about vlan i can make vlan on eth0
can i make vlan to wifi

VLANs are an Ethernet construct. There is no such thing as a VLAN for 802.11. One can bridge a specific wireless interface with a VLAN-tagged Ethernet interface, but you can't "send multiple VLANs" directly over 802.11. No further answer is possible without knowing your use case. Search the OpenWrt wiki for details that may apply to your use case.

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like airos

What you picture are not multiple VLANs, I only see one (VLAN 17), attached to WLAN and LAN.

But to setup what you displayed in OpenWrt:

  • Create a new Interface (e.g. eth0.3)
  • Create a new SSID
  • Add SSID to new Interface

i want received vlan from wlan0 to wlan1
i make vlan on mikrotik and i set up vlan dhcp server and i want received from wlan0 to wlan1 and make the wlan1 Client Isolation

قيل لك أعلاه أنه لا يمكن القيام بذلك.

You were told above this cannot be done.

The AirOS picture does not display what you're describing. You can bridge both as noted above; but then you will not have isolation.

Also, if you setup VLAN tagging on a server, I'm not sure how you did so with a wireless NIC.

BTW @baalwy, welcome to the community!

the CT drivers it's working fine but the web luci always crashing and showing
XHR request timed out