Please help me for block website from OpenWrt

im a beginner in openwrt. please help me to block specific website. i cant do this. and please elaborate in easy way

Install the adblock package, and add list only the site.


Add to dnsmasq config,


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where have to add address=/ this line?

installed adblock. from where can i do? please help me. dont mind. im a beginner.

What you posted - Nowhere.

You add to your blacklist.


  • Click "Edit Blacklist"
  • Add domain
  • Save & Apply
  • Done

have to restart the router? i added but didn't work. websites are running

Websites will always be running, even if you block them.

Restart dnsmasq, to start with.

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i dont know from where have to restart dnsmasq. :frowning: :frowning: Sorry

Then restart the router....

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(Also maybe the clients by rebooting or clearing their DNS cache.)

Thank you so much. this works for me <3 <3

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