Please enable this 2 features by default

for openwrt developers i want to request this.
in my 2 years of using openwrt this is my only problem. https should be enabled by default because my openwrt admin's password is always obtained and I don't know how they do it. also please enable dnscrypt by default and package. and the one I'm using is a mi router 4c, maybe you've heard someone post on the forum that the mi router 4c router keeps restarting and the wifi is lost. I already solved this problem. all I did was add them to the traffic rules. on the wifi I use. I added new rules below:
protocol: any
sourcezone: openwrt wifi
destination zone: device
action: reject
sourcemac: (all my wifi users I put the mac address here)

since I did this the mi router 4c is fixed the attacker can no longer access the tcp, udp icmp etc but they are still connected to the internet with no problem. and the wifi is stable now.
and my last request is please add this feature info site password protection i see it in ddwrt.

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This has been the default for the last two major releases (21.02.x).

This is your personal preference, which is very unlikely to become default for OpenWrt.