Please advice wifi 6(wifi 5?) router with at least 512mb ram (docker/kubernetes)


I have goals/problems:

  1. I want to have faster wifi and ethernet (from "server" to wifi clients and, especially, desktops)
  2. I want to add bit high availability for my home kubernetes(k3s)
  3. I want to have link aggregation on switch
  4. I want guest wifi
  5. privacy matters
  6. Money matters
  7. I have problems with hands. I'm programmer, but do something in terms of hardware DIY - it's a bit rocket science for me

Currently I have:

  1. TP-Link TL-WDR3600 v1 with OpenWrt
  2. specific "server" (actually is a just an old desktop) with ZFS, a lot of HDD, and two virtual machines and 2x 1G interfaces(actually, one of them dedicated two virtual machine, because my switch doesn't support link aggregation)
  3. Netgear GS108Ev3, which uses for multiple vlans
  4. two desktops (and one can be used to extend k3s "cluster") with Linux
  5. a lot of wifi devices, including couple of Macbooks and smartphones which support wifi 6
  6. 350 Mb/s an external connection, which could become someday 1 Gb/s or more.
  7. ethernet LAN - one gigabit. What is not enough anymore.

The plan is to replace an existing swich and router to something more modern, reflash a new router a openwrt, and install in it k3s. Also, I'm going to use some kind of "autoscaler operator", which could connect from a new openwrt router (and a basic k3s there) to one of desktops's libirt, and in a case of not avalibility of a "server", launch qemu/kvm VM with k3s, and launch apps there. I'm going to still use "server" as main k3s node, and my apps will require labels on node (in order to be launched there), which I'll not assing to k3s on openwrt router - it will only care about launching important things in virtual machine on one of desktops if "server" is down. So, reallly big peformance - I don't need it here. But k3s requires at least 512Mb ram...

How do you think, how good my plan is?

UPDATE: what if I use maybe even old router device (if it has at least 512Mb ram) and USB wifi 6? OpenWrt could permit to do things like this?

USB WiFi is a world of pain. Don't go there. I wouldn't recommend running all those extra services on your router either.

Link aggregation can be done in software, not specific requirements when it comes to hardware AFAIK.

Good luck with that ...


Lol, typo. 512Mb, of cource

I'm not going to launch there anything, exluding very basing k3s + "autoscaler operator" to launch VM in my desktop, in a case if "server" fails. Just something to care and deal with important home services.

No way? I've just found thing like Nanopi R5S Router(or maybe R4S, or even R3S) - it looks like really awesome, in a case if install in it wifi6 in USB (wifi 5? Not sure if USB 3.x in this box is fast enough for wifi 6...)

What do you mean?

not specific requirements when it comes to hardware AFAIK.

You mean, I can do it even in my current switch, Netgear GS108Ev3? When I tried to create bonding device on my Linux desktop, the Ethernet loop happened :frowning:

Well I've set it up pretty easily on a server. All you need is the bonding kernel module and then set the necessary bits and pieces.

Of course, your entry level switch won't do that, although your vendor could have included that module in their firmware and exposed it through their web UI. While that might earn them accolades, it sure won't make them money.

A less entry level switch (or OpenWrt on supported switches) would indeed allow you to bond interfaces.