Please add acelink br-6889ax

This router seems intéresting for 'ew device

You've been around for a while, so you know the drill by now, someone with the device on their desk will have to start working on it - there is no one bored and with too much money to spend on random devices to take requests.

Additional things to note:

  • be aware about the general state of ipq807x support for OpenWrt (take a read at the xiaomi ax3600/ ax9000 threads for a reminder)
  • ipq807x does support secure boot, if a vendor opted to use it (Xiaomi didn't, yet… others do, to varying degrees of severity), porting OpenWrt to it becomes considerably more difficult (up to impossible, in the worst case). If this device plays these shenanigans can only be determined once someone has it on their desk, with a serial console attached and pokes around bootloader and how PBL/ SBL set up the boot chain.
  • this device isn't publicly available yet (prices on request)

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