Please add a firmware for AN5506-04-F GPON ONU

Please add a firmware for AN5506-04-F GPON ONU i am unable to edit any settings for my isp in this router it is lying waste in my house all super admin and admin access is disabled cannot edit any of it neither can i enter the isp provided username and password you guys are doing a commendable jobs in respect to other modems Please add Fiberhome AN5506-04-F gpon router firmware so that many users like me can have afresh lease of life for the router

It is up to you or someone else who has access to the device to be able to add them

having the FCC ID helps a little bit

first steps would be

  1. open the case and record the chip models, identify the UART pins
  2. connect to serial console with UART adapter to see if bootloader supports TFTP
  3. study a commit for a similar board to create a new DTS file and makefile profile
  4. build an initramfs-kernel.bin image to load over TFTP for testing
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