PLC firmware for TL-WPA8630v2

I have the TP-Link TL-WPA8630 v2 powerline device on which I installed the 18.06 firmware from here: At the other end of the connection there is an Archer A7 device with 19.07-rc2 running. I have the Archer A7 device working well and the powerline device also worked with the stock firmware. After installing OpenWRT on the WPA8630 powerline device, I am unable to configure it to work with the rest of my network. Luci works, WiFi works, and so does the ethernet switch, but I can't get the clients to connect to the internet.

Visually, my setup looks like this:
wireless clients ---> TL-WPA8630 w/custom 18.06 image --- (over powerline) ---> TL-PA8010 w/stock image --- (over cat5) ---> Archer A7 w/19.07-rc2 ---> Spectrum cable ---> the rest of the internet

On WPA8630, the overview page in Luci says that there is no "upstream" interface. My solution to this was to create VLAN2, with LAN 4 tagged, then assign VLAN2 to a new interface called WAN that has protocol set to: DHCP client. This didn't work and the WAN interface doesn't receive an IP address. Was this the correct thing to do?

Now my suspicion is that the OS doesn't have the firmware for the powerline chipset loaded. WPA8630 v2 uses QCA7550 chipset so I've been searching for pib and nvm files for it. According to this page:, the same chipset exists in another device for which I can find pib and nvm files. Before, I use firmware from another device and potentially brick my device, are there other troubleshooting steps that I should try?

Turns out that no custom firmware is needed for PLC in 8630. This topic can be deleted.

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