Plans for OpenWrt to support TP-Link TL-WR902AC?


How does the "/etc/hotplug.d/iface/30-vpn" part get utilised? The code is working in that the button makes the vpn tunnel connect and the WPS flashes in a heartbeat but it doesn't ever go solid. The install I did created the interface as "providervpn" under interfaces so I named it 30-providervpn, should it just be 30-vpn still or tun0?

Ethernet Adapter: "tun0" (providervpn)


the interface name in that file should be whatever is listed in the /etc/config/network for that VPN connection. I'm not sure if it is case sensitive, but mine looks like this:

config interface 'VPN'
	option ifname 'tun0'
	option proto 'none'

So, since the interface is "VPN" in my case, I have the same in the 30-vpn file.


I shall give it another go. I’m currently trying to battle dhcp, radio0 is currently connected to my home network in client mode and I have set up radio1 as master AP mode. On the interface for the AP I’ve set it to static with an ip and subnet mask then enabled the dhcp bellow with default settings but when I try to connect to the AP I don’t get an IP. Any thoughts what I might be missing? Does it work out the first 3 octets based on the static IP or should I be defining it somewhere else?


Two thoughts:

  1. Since now we are getting into topics that are not device specific, it might make sense to move this into a new thread in the "Installing and Using LEDE" section of the forums. Feel free to tag me with the at-sign (i.e. @BurningTheSky) so I see it.

  2. Make sure the downstream network you're creating is a different address space as compared to the upstream one. If they have the same network definitions, it will not work. Beyond that, maybe create a new thread for this and post your config files for network, wireless, dhcp, and firewall.



I have both a V1 and V3 WR902AC. I would like to run LEDE/OpenWRT on this to hopefully have the ability to have a mesh and VLAN. Can you, or anyone else, advise why the V3 won't be supported due to the mt76 driver (not sure what this means). Is that a definitive no because it cannot physically be supported?

Is there still an issue with V1? I see on the Open WRT Supported List that V1 is listed as supported via Snapshot. Will this be available in the future via the Stable releases?

Thanks :slight_smile:


I'm not aware of any issue with support for v1 at the moment, snapshot image should work.
And yes, it will be included in next stable release.


Not all superheroes get made into memes. Thank you - I'll ask the question on that closed ticket, but assume it's dead for now. Will revisit V1 and see what can be done - dubious on availability of it now though :frowning:


(Shameless self-promotion:) My slide-switch package can be used with the TL-WR902AC :smile:

slide-switch makes handling the 3-position slide switch easier by translating switch position changes into regular button presses and releases. More details can be found at the GitHub repo.

The updated package is available in the snapshots packages feed; opkg install slide-switch should work.


hello psherman,

which configuration i need to reset your script? Wifi is on because i cannot reach my router (TP-Link WR902AC). Could you please help me?

thanks :wink:


@Eddie2013 - I'm not sure I understand your question. If you setup the slide switch to have a default / known-good radio configuration, you just put the switch in that position and reboot. If you don't have any slide switch configurations yet, you'll need to use failsafe mode. From there, disable the wifi configuration related to the uplink (STA mode) and then reboot into the normal mode.


incredible, it works fine. i connected the router via LAN with my FritzBox. Then i connected the router via Wifi and i was able to install luci. Great. Thanks for your script. :slight_smile:


i am missing in the navigation the tab "modem" to configure my HUAWAEI-USB-Stick. I want to use them on my router. Just i see "Status System Network Logout".


@Eddie2013 - I don't know anything about using USB modem devices, but it will probably require installing some drivers.
For this particular topic: since it is not specific to the WR902AC, I'd recommend starting a new thread in the "Installing and Using LEDE" section of the forums where you will probably get better help for this Huawei device.


good idea. thanks :wink:



Hope this is the right place to ask, please tell me off approrpriately if it's not.

I've got one of these just purchased yesterday (the V1)

I'm thinking of installing LEDE on it, but I have a few questions I hope one of you can answer:

  1. Does the 18.06 RC1 work on it? I see there's a build for it, so I assume so?
  2. Can you flash back to the Factory image easily enough if required?
  3. Does LEDE support the ability to Join an AP on a Radio, while also offering an AP on that Radio?
    The current factory firmware does this, which is exactly what I bought it for. I want to be able to go to a hotel that say, only has 802.11g on 2.4Ghz, connect to their Wifi, but then also have my Chromecast connect to the Hotspot the box generates.



Hi @tjh -

  1. Yes, but you might just wait until the true stable release comes out (currently release candidate 1, hopefully full stable release in the next week).
  2. I haven't tried, but in theory, yes, it should be possible to flash back
  3. Yes, you can have client (sta) mode and AP mode simultaneously running on the same radio. Also, there are 2 radios (2.4GHz and 5GHz), so you could use 1 each, if you wanted.

The caveat to 3 is that the chipset (at least when using OpenWRT) doesn't support bridging the client mode radio for a wireless-to-wired/wireless bridge (bridging eth0 and radio is fine when using AP mode; don't know if it will work for client bridged to AP if you don't bridge against ethernet). You can use relayd to effectively bridge the networks if you need to have a seemingly transparent repeater. However, this is technically a routed mode so there is a performance penalty. If you use the client mode as a WAN or any normal routed mode, everything should work as desired.


Thanks, I'll give it a go!


This works SO WELL.

18.06 RC1 has LuCI installed already so I didn't have any hassles at all, I just installed it, logged in with my Web Browser and configured the Wireless Interfaces.

This is 10 times better than how it was with the TP-Link firmware. Amazing.

Thank you!!!


I promise this is the last reply to myself, but just for anyone else thinking of doing this

a) It works perfectly
b) You can install upnp, openvpn and the CAKE SQM. This gives you a truely powerful, portable router in your pocket. This device is now worth twice as much with LEDE on it.

Thanks again to all the devs who made this happen, I am going to buy another one it's that good.


If you know how to poll the slider status on that model, I can add support for it to Slider-support package.