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I'm trying to install OpenWRT on a Raspberry Pi Zero W and have become blocked. My PiZero doesn't have ethernet adapter and so far I'm only able to use the on-board wifi. So far I've enabled the wifi and managed to connect to my home wifi network using the Luci web interface. My issue is that I have no internet connection on the PiZero.

  • PiZero shows as 'Openwrt' on my home router and has IP allocated

  • I can ping the PiZero from a PC on the same network

  • I can ping the router from the PiZero and also DNS server

  • I can ssh into the PiZero from my PC

  • I can access Luci on the PiZero from my PC

  • I cannot ping websites such as openwrt.org or google.com either from Luci -> diagnostics or from CLI using ssh or a wired keyboard and attached monitor

How can I get the PiZero to access the internet through the router to which it's connected? I need this in order to install drivers for a USB wifi dongle.

The radio cannot do both wan and lan.

You need another radio or an ethernet dongle.

When you built the firmware, using the firmware selector, you should have included the drivers you need.

Thanks for your reply! I didn't build the firmware. I took the latest build suitible for PiZero and configured it using a wired keyboard and monitor to enable the wifi and connect to my router.

The radio cannot do both wan and lan.

You need another radio or an ethernet dongle.

This I have learned from other similiar posts. I'm trying to install another wifi dongle, but I need the internet to get the necessary packages. What I don't understand is why I can connect to my home router but I don't get any internet connection from this.

You don't need to understand that.
Go here

Choose "Customize installed packages and/or first boot script"

Add your driver at the end then request build.

You need to start over.

Sorry, wrong URL:

Go here.

Thanks a lot! I'll give it a try.

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