Pixel 3XL wifi issues with BTHomeHub5a 18.04

Hello folks,

About 10 days ago I bought this brand new Google Pixel 3XL, and immediately upon connecting it to my wireless at home, I begun realizing something was not quite right with the connectivity on wifi.

TLDR; packet trace link at the end of the message.

My fido home router and AP is a BTHomeHub5a with OpenWrt 18.04.

So far I have been experiencing the issue primarily on apps and web pages which I suspect are using SSL, for instance Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, chrono24 etc. Basically contents through the apps or web pages through a browser simply won't load and will report lack of connectivity, or contents will be loaded horribly slow, and it goes back and forth from loading contents slowly and pretending to be offline.

The phone connectivity is fine when streaming video or music etc, and it responds to pings with no packet loss.

This is clearly a bug that has been forcing me to use the phone in 4G mode. Also I have tried the phone under a bunch of different APs and it works just fine. Phone has been factory resetted and is on latest November Android Pie patches. Also my BTHomeHub5a is fine with every devices in the network, and we have other android devices as well as iOS devices, which all works fine.

I have attached a minute worth of packet trace taken on the Pixel 3XL while reproducing the issue. I would need your help in making a sense out of it so that I can raise a bug report with Google, as I doubt this to be an issue with OpenWrt?