Pixel 1 + OpenWrt - can't connect

I've recently upgraded my router to 2xXiaomi AX3200 and installed OpenWRT
All devices but one can connect without any problems.
The problem is with Pixel 1 - it sees network, save credentials but refuses to connect. On previous router it has worked.
It successfully connected to hotspot on my Samsung, so it's not hardware failure.

I'm using the same SSID on both radios.
I've set "WPA2-PSK/WPA3-SAE Mixed mode" on both radios.
Can it be that this combination is unsupported on this phone and I should set WPA2 only (feels less secure)?
Phone detects security as: "WPA3-Personal"
And ideas where can I find logs which will help me detect problem?

Did you try wpa3 only? The Pixel1 is quite old and might not support mixed mode....

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Alone WPA3 doesn't work. Alone WPA2 works ok. Looks like I need to give up WPA3 :frowning:

Or get a new phone :wink:

Pixel 1 has a superpower. No other phone has it. It's my smallest server at home :wink: